Posted by: mysaintjohn | April 4, 2010

And on Easter Weekend

While you’re chowing down on all that Easter chocolate, remember to brush your teeth.


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Posted by: mysaintjohn | March 28, 2010

Thought Police

Thought Police

I’m standing in your driveway.
Taking a picture of your sign.
Thinking about parking in it.
What are you gonna do about it, thought police?

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

(please don’t do anything about it)

Posted by: mysaintjohn | March 24, 2010

You kids and your noise…


I spotted this nifty bit of graffiti down near Reversing Falls and for three whole days I was ecstatic. I had this whole mental image of some poor mental soul spray painting those words in 1978 and waiting 40 years for the sky to fall (if you think graffiti would go unchecked for 40 years, you’ve clearly not spent much time here).

Monday morning I’m telling a coworker about my awesome find. His response: “You do realize Death from Above 1979 is a band, right?”

Posted by: mysaintjohn | March 21, 2010

As any good galactic hitchhiker knows…

Dear Douglas Adams

The number 42 should never be overlooked.

Posted by: mysaintjohn | March 17, 2010

Everyone’s Irish

Everyone's Irish

Even the Indian restaurant has got its Irish on.

Posted by: mysaintjohn | March 15, 2010

You should see what he did to the cat


Having finally mastered the basic three letter words (cat, dog, box), little Johnny was finally ready to set his sights on the really big ones.

Posted by: mysaintjohn | March 13, 2010

You Spin Me Right Round


Posted by: mysaintjohn | March 8, 2010

We Built this City on Spock n’ Roll



Posted by: mysaintjohn | March 7, 2010

Anarchy in Saint John



Saw these taped to the lights on the corner of St. Patrick and Water. Which reminded me of ordering supper at Subway on Thursday.

Earnest Subway Worker (ESW): You did say chicken, right?
My Saint John (Me): Yup. On parmesan oregano, please.
ESW: It’s just that they frown on us making subs with the wrong toppings.
Me: Understandable. Best to save up those kinds of actions when you’re feeling really into the anarchy. Pickles instead of lettuce. It’d be chaos.
ESW (looking vaguely uncomfortable, like I might lunge across the counter): Right… errr… Right…
Me: Is that parmesan oregano?
ESW: Ummm. Yes?
Me (feeling guilty if I’m disrupting his one rebellious act): It looks like whole wheat.

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