About Saint John

Frequently cold and damp, Saint John rests at the mouth of the Saint John River and on the Bay of Fundy. It’s the oldest incorporated city in Canada (with the rental units to prove it).

Things I have learned about Saint John (an ever-growing list):

  • Mice are not always as timid as one would think
  • People in army fatigues — who are not soldiers — freak me out.
  • Even the toughest male can occasionally be found driving around the South End while listening to Toto (I bless the rains down in Africa… tra la la…).
  • Beavers can be used as decor (see Loyalist Burial Ground).
  • Theatres used to look like Rococo wedding cakes (see the Imperial Theatre).
  • Bob Dylan can’t sell out but people will line up for days for Elton John (come on people – you must know this is wrong).
  • Even Saint John is too depressing for Leonard Cohen.
  • “My baby’s daddy” is a universal term.
  • People will threaten to burn you at the stake if you don’t believe that the Eagles were a very important and influential band (and they’ll get really angry if you point out that the Eagles are hacks).
  • Bands of shopping carts roam the city at night.
  • Children of a Lesser God is always out at the Blockbuster on the East Side.

For more information, check out the city’s Wikipedia page.



  1. “Bands of shopping carts roam the city at night.” I knew there had to be an explanation for our findings at the Marsh Creek Cleanup.

  2. – That would be “Rococo” wedding cakes.
    – Lining up for Bob Dylan even as late as the 1990s would have been justified. But these days, he just phones it in. EJ, however, still performs for the audience.

  3. This is what I’ve learned about Saint John since moving here 7 months ago.
    – Saint John is the outdoor enthusiasts paradise.
    -It might surprise people but this is the place to live if you love rock climbing, ice climbing, mountain biking, trail running, cross country skiing, swimming in lakes, biking to beaches, whitewater kayaking, canoeing, hiking, backpacking, and camping. And I’m sure I’m forgetting a few. Seriously it’s got opportunities for every major outdoor sport!
    – Rockwood is one of North Americas largest urban parks

    • It actually does have great hikes and trails. I will give it that.

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