Posted by: mysaintjohn | March 7, 2010

Anarchy in Saint John



Saw these taped to the lights on the corner of St. Patrick and Water. Which reminded me of ordering supper at Subway on Thursday.

Earnest Subway Worker (ESW): You did say chicken, right?
My Saint John (Me): Yup. On parmesan oregano, please.
ESW: It’s just that they frown on us making subs with the wrong toppings.
Me: Understandable. Best to save up those kinds of actions when you’re feeling really into the anarchy. Pickles instead of lettuce. It’d be chaos.
ESW (looking vaguely uncomfortable, like I might lunge across the counter): Right… errr… Right…
Me: Is that parmesan oregano?
ESW: Ummm. Yes?
Me (feeling guilty if I’m disrupting his one rebellious act): It looks like whole wheat.



  1. You should report him to the Subway Sandwich Artist Guild!…lol…

  2. I wouldn’t have the heart to. He looked so horrified when he realized it was the wrong bread.

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