Posted by: mysaintjohn | December 7, 2009

Overheard in Saint John (the teen edition)

It’s time to count your pennies, eat your hamburger helper, and dissect Twilight: New Moon.

Overheard in Tim Hortons: “Your mom works Uptown so you know she makes at least a hundred thousand.”

This is clearly a different Uptown than I’ve been working in.

Overheard in the Pedway: “I believe we have to gun it. My mother is, just now, serving the Hamburger Helper and we have just over 4km to cover.”

This boy spoke like a seventy year old man. His unsure emphasis on “gun” was priceless. Maybe it was a seventy year old man in an 18 Again/Like Father Like Son/Vice Versa/Freaky Friday (that’s 17 Again to you Zac Ephron-loving youngsters) situation.

Overheard in the Brunswick Square food-court: “Bella is a completely weak Mary Sue-ish character who is only content when an alpha male is on the scene to make her feel protected and to restrict her. She’s ridiculous.”

The best part? This statement came from a BOY. Now if only he could have convinced the girl he was with and then, you know, all the teenage Twilight reading girls in the city.


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