Posted by: mysaintjohn | August 11, 2009

Where the sun don’t shine…

Where the sun don't shine

I should have taken a picture at sunset.

Stick that post



  1. You find the oddest things ever! What would possess somebody to do that? LOL

    • It looked like the yard might be pretty funky, too, but I was too scared to go take a proper look.

  2. My guess is that it appeared somewhat like the whale in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It fell from very high up and came to rest on top of the post.

    • And what’s this tall thing sticking up so very high? It needs a big, tall sounding name. Roast? Most? Toast? Post? That’s it: Post! I wonder if it will be friends with me.

      For the horse, it wasn’t.

      I’m not sure which of us is worse.

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