Posted by: mysaintjohn | August 3, 2009

Alex’s prized possession

This was my prized possession

This little tennis ball, abandoned in a South End puddle made me sad. Because, let’s face it, it’s just a tennis ball. If you need to label a tennis ball–as opposed to, say, your new GI Joe action figure or your underwear–you’re probably in a bit of trouble.

Then, again, maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe “Alex” is a dog, not a child. Maybe the labeling is merely to keep his owners from bringing saliva-filled tennis balls to their weekly doubles match with the Jamisons.



  1. If I’d been anywhere within a ten-block vicinity, you wouldn’t have been able to take this picture! All tennis balls belong to me! (Regardless of what Alex thinks.)

  2. I must admit, Piper, that your typing skills astound me. You definitely deserve all Saint John tennis balls.

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