Posted by: mysaintjohn | July 30, 2009

The Force is strong with these ones*

Cutting through King’s Square the other day, I spotted some rather awesome chalk drawings. The kind of chalk drawings that make me think that maybe (just maybe) there’s hope for these crazy kids.


That’s Legolas. Even without the helpful name tag, he’s can be clearly identified by his pointy ears, bow, and long, luscious locks.


And you certainly can’t have the elf without the dwarf (though I’m not sure why Gimli is carrying a scythe — he’s a little more goth than I remember).

And there’s more…


Gandalf looks seriously pissed. Of course, if pigeons kept pooping on my head, I wouldn’t be super ecstatic.


Gollum is sad.


The hobbits are annoyingly happy.

Aragorn & Arwen

And Aragorn and Arwen are in love (you can tell by all the little hearts). Arwen also appears to be getting much more screen (or is that “chalk”) time than in the books.

* and yes, I know I’m mixing my fandoms :p



  1. Why didn’t you post this *before* it rained? I could have gone to King Square to see it and maybe add a Tom Bombadil drawing. He could use the screen/chalk time after being slighted in the movies.

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