Posted by: mysaintjohn | July 25, 2009

The end of the affair…

The End of the Affair

You know how it is.

You spot a saucy little minx of an umbrella in a shop. Something bright and shiny, something that looks like a perfect match. You wrap her up in your embrace and, at first, everything is perfect.

She shields you and becomes your safe harbour. You take her out a few times a week and you catch other people eying her appreciatively.

Then things start to break down.

She doesn’t open up the way she used to. A strong wind turns her inside out. You find yourself wrestling with her more and more. You start noticing the curves of other umbrellas, younger umbrellas.

Finally, things break down completely. There’s a break so drastic (a spoke or a tear) that just can’t be fixed. You hold on for a few days, but you finally admit that things just aren’t working.

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