Posted by: mysaintjohn | July 24, 2009

Help! Help! I’m being repressed!*


Oh look. There’s a cannon. Nifty. I wonder what it’s aimed at.


Is that MY car?!?!?

Martello bastards.

* As usual, fictional cookies if you get the pop culture reference in the subject line.



  1. That would be Monty Python’s Quest For the Holy Grail

  2. Through the lense of your camera, one can clearly see the violence inherent in the system.

    • I miss you. Come downstairs and act out MP sketches through the glass door :p

      • Upon further reflection, the violence inherent in 19th century fortifications designed for artillery emplacements and ammunition storage is actually quite obvious. Your pictures do, however, capture the spirit of such violence very well.

        The re-enactments will begin shortly…

  3. Excellent. They provide us with free bags of popcorn at work. Let me know 2.5 minutes before you are ready to begin.

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