Posted by: mysaintjohn | July 23, 2009

I think she read that Nicholas Sparks book one too many times…

Message in a bottle.

It’s entirely possibly that the above bottle is just litter but I want to have a better opinion of my fellow Saint John residents. I don’t want to think of them as callous people who would toss empty containers into the fountain in King’s Square.

Instead, I believe the bottle was placed there by a lovelorn (and slightly stupid) Nicholas Sparks fan. Said fan has read Message in a Bottle 37 times (it is, in fact, the only book she has read in the last five years). Finally deciding to steal a piece of the book’s magic for herself, she penned a beautiful (if somewhat cliche) love letter and placed it in a small green bottle.

Sadly, our heroine expended a great deal of energy on composing the letter and not nearly enough on finding the harbour. Tired, lost, and frustrated, she tossed the bottle in the nearest spot of open water she could find: the fountain in King’s Square.

Forty minutes later, the bottle was retrieved by a haggard man who collects cans for nickels.

Warner Brothers was approached with a script based on this amazing true story (aptly titled: Message in a Bottle 2: The Turn of the Saint John Tide) but the studio decided to pass.


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