Posted by: mysaintjohn | July 18, 2009

God has a plan for me… It involves Twilight…

God Loves You

I spotted this little guy (with message) just to the left of my car in the Futureshop parking lot. The superstitious part of my brain wondered if it was some sort of cosmic guilt trip for having skipped out on the last eleven years of church.

Then I went to Indigo and pulled into the nearest non-handicapped parking space.

My Treasuer is in Heaven

Perhaps God is telling me that he loves me and that cars and jobs and earthly trappings (or lack thereof) are temporary.

But then I look to the left and see… a “Team Edward” bumper sticker.

Go Team Edward!

Clearly God is telling me that he loves me, that heaven is filled with treasure, but that my earthly life will be filled with profits from writing a young adult book in the vain of S Meyers.

Perhaps it is a mistake to let one’s life be guided solely by bumper stickers and litter.


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