Posted by: mysaintjohn | July 10, 2009

The cart with the drinking problem…

Every shopping cart has it’s vice – even shopping carts from that most wholesome of places: Wal-Mart.

Johnny K, an East Saint John cart with a slightly rebellious nature, broke free of his usual turf and headed for the bright lights of the South End. I’m not sure how long he wandered and rolled, but he eventually came to a stop on the corner of Duke and Canterbury. For the time being, he seems quite content to stay there and indulge in a recently formed addiction to chocolate milk.

Thirsty from its travels

Yesterday he was seen jugging a 1L.

Yesterday's Milk

As you can see, this morning the 1L had been tossed aside in favour of the slightly less cumbersome 500ml.

Today's Milk

Given all that chocolate milk, it’s no wonder Johnny is staying close to the drain.



  1. I saw that shopping cart, too — and the stability ball from your earlier post. It’s really funny to see these things in photos a few days later!

  2. I walked by this cart the last few days on the way from home to work. I didn’t even notice the chocolate milk!!! I was surprised to see a Walmart cart stray so far from home though. Very adventurous!

    • This corner seems a magnet for shopping carts. So far I’ve seen a Giant Tiger, a Wal-Mart, and a Woolworths. A half a block away, I saw one from Kent’s.

      Lately I’ve seen what looks like people moving in shopping carts (one friend claimed to have seen a caravan of carts as a family moved from one apartment to another). Perhaps these are the results of people moving from the East Side to the South End?

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