Posted by: mysaintjohn | July 6, 2009

Shoeless in Saint John

I got my dancing shoes

The above pair of shoes (slippers?) was left neatly by the curb on Germain Street. I must confess, I was a little intrigued. Were the shoes waiting for someone? Were they abandoned? Did Saint John have it’s own Shoeless Joe Jackson?

— side story —

I had a friend who occasionally walked around downtown Fredericton barefoot. One evening, a drunken man lurched over to us and warned her about the dangers of polio. He was quite convinced that she would contract it if she didn’t mend her shoeless ways.

It’s been ten years. She seems to have escaped the polio and is now living in Saint John. I have bumped into her a few times and, on each occasion, her feet have been sensibly attired. Did age rid her of the desire to go barefoot or did the copious amounts of pigeon poop and broken glass on Saint John sidewalks do the trick?

— end of side story —



  1. interesting. On my run yesterday I saw a pair of cowboy boots near Hazen White school. They seemed intact and in good shape, just standing side by side on the eadge of the sidewalk. Perhaps someone is leaving different shoes in various parts of the City in case they feel inclined to change shoe styles when they happen to be in the area??

    • That is strange. Maybe it’s some sort of strange shoe swapping group – when you see a new pair, swap.

      • those shoes do look like everyone has had a turn

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