Posted by: mysaintjohn | July 3, 2009

The ballad of Byron & Estelle…

Well Estell...

Shopping Cart #1: Oh Byron, I just don’t know whether or not to believe you anymore.

Shopping Cart #2: I tell ya, Estelle, someday we will get out of this parking lot and see the world. You just gotta have faith, baby.

Shopping Cart #1: I’m getting older, Byron. Too old for fairy tales.  My wheels are squeaking and my handle is cracked.

Shopping Cart #2: You’re still beautiful, baby. No one can carry a load of meat like you can.

Shopping Cart #1: I’ve heard it’ worse on the outside. There are these fierce animals call S’no Plos that attack strays.

Shopping Cart #2: I’ll protect you.

Shopping Cart #1: Like you protected me that time someone took a leak in the cart corral?


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