Posted by: mysaintjohn | June 23, 2009

It’s time for another good idea/bad idea*

Bad Product Placement

As a general rule, people don’t include carefully rendered product labels in their paintings and murals unless they’re being paid to do so (or unless they’re, you know, Andy Warhol). So when I was walking past the back of the stage by Market Square in Saint John, I stopped and said, “Whoa… that’s some unfortunate product placement”.

After spying the logo subtly worked into another spot, I was convinced that it wasn’t just a case of a rogue painter with Warhol envy and a jones for Pepsi.

Be young. Have fun. Drink Pepsi. Throw the bottle in the ocean.

When I see a pretty ocean scene with happy clams and seahorses and a discarded plastic 2L, it doesn’t make me want to drink Pepsi (and this Saint John girl loves her Pepsi). It makes me think about barges full of garbage, plastic rings around seagulls necks, and all the garbage that gets thrown up onto the shoreline.

As far as product placement goes, it’s not a good image.

*As usual, bonus points if you get the pop-culture reference in the title.


  1. In Halifax there are tampon applicators, pad wrappers and condoms floating around in the harbour because our municipal government forgot to ask for a receipt and full warranty on the $30million crap filter they bought us with our own money.

  2. Niiiiiiice. And yet still you want me to move there 😛

  3. “their being paid to do so”


    I normally wouldn’t point something like this out (everyone makes typos), but you just did it a couple of posts down. 😛

    • This would be one of the side effects of rushing to post before work and on lunch breaks. Thanks for pointing it out. It will be corrected.

  4. Why does no body else play the game?!?

    Animaniacs? They used to do a segment called that…

    • Someone did email me an answer but I agree – playing in the comments is much more fun. And you are correct. Animaniacs!

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