Posted by: mysaintjohn | June 22, 2009

Power to the chicken people!

What would Jesus Eat?

It’s Monday which means I made a big batch of chicken, vegetables, and rice yesterday. Which means I will be eating said dish for lunch today, tomorrow, and Wednesday. I won’t tell Jesus, PETA, or the uptown restaurants, if you don’t.

In other news, it seems that there are young anarchists afoot (I say young because I honestly can’t see this guy being old enough to pay taxes – he’s just far too enthusiastic).

Bet he doesn't pay taxes yet.

Nice sentiment. I even agree with it – to a point. HOWEVER, I’m pretty sure the side of United Bookstore is not, in fact, public property.

5 points for bravery.
-100000 point for location choice and planning.



  1. As I browse through your photos my hunky manfriend is listening to “Dirty Old Town” by the Pogues. This is purely by accident but highly appropriate 😛

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