Posted by: mysaintjohn | June 18, 2009

Light and Dark



The annual community fair has rolled into town and taken over Harbour Station. As far as general interest goes, I’ll take a traveling outfit like Campbell Amusements over a stationary site like Crystal Palace any day.

I find traveling fairs themselves an interesting mixture of light and dark. This time last year, I was parking at Harbour Station. Some mornings there would be traces of blood and popcorn in the Pedway – almost like a warning that you could have your fun but, stay too long, and you’d pay a price.

Then again, that could be the unholy amount of horror books I read as a teenager. I did, certainly, find it amusing that the woman working the ticket booth last evening was reading Angels and Demons. While the book itself is irrelevant, the title and the setting caught my fancy.


  1. It looks so much more interesting in the dark. That was funny about the book the woman was reading.

    I had some faint idea of getting up on Fort Howe to see what it looked like but it didn’t happen. Not too late though..

    Thinking of changing my webpage to this entirely

  2. I went up on the overpass leading to Millidgeville to get some shots but without a really good zoom, they didn’t come out as I had hoped – hadn’t thought of trying Fort Howe.

    Hmmm. I think the idea of changing the URL mightbe good since that’s what you use Flickr under but I’m not sure about the template only displaying one post at a time. If someone knows you and has been reading your blog for some time, they’ll likely click back to read more but if it’s just a random hit (or a hit off a search term or link on someone else’s page), they might not go back through.

  3. Oh, I’m not sure about that either… I was fiddling around there — had one post with many pictures, one on top of the other and it turned out so l o n g …that’s when I set it to one. Most people who happen to come across that place wouldn’t notice the ‘older’ link..

    Tonight it’s supposed to be cloudy …I’ll think more about Fort Howe later today. In the daytime it wouldn’t come out anything special at all..

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