Posted by: mysaintjohn | June 9, 2009

Farewell Triumph

Carnival Triumph

That'll hold her

The first cruise ship of the season, the Carnival Triumph, has come and gone. As someone who works, plays, and occasionally lives uptown, I have mixed feelings about the cruise ship trade.


  • It brings in revenue (though perhaps not as much as I thought) for dearly loved uptown shops.
  • It sometimes brings out musicians who busk (and a city filled with music is a happy place, indeed).
  • The city does seem to make more of an effort to keep things “pretty”.
  • There are more accents to be heard (and I love accents).


  • I hate crowds.
  • I’ve been stuck in line behind people who give cashiers a hard time because they can’t get American change in return for their American dollars.
  • It makes me feel as though the city wants to put its best foot forward for visitors when I think the city could take significant steps towards making things pleasant for residents.

Feel free to leave a comment and weigh in.



  1. agreed – on all points.

    I too am frustrated with all the work being done for the benefit of cruise ship passengers (neglecting other areas unseen by travelers), but if that is the excuse needed to get the job done, so be it!

    • It just saddens me how you can go a block away from the tourist-friendly areas and see buildings which boarded up, falling down, and held together with bubble gum and string. That Canterbury street can have brown, dead Christmas wreaths up for an entire year and that flower planters are filled with cigarette buts until a few days before the first ship comes in.

      It’s not uncommon for people to complain about the exodus to other provinces but, really, are we doing enough to keep young people -especially professionals – in the Saint John area.

  2. I think the benefits outweigh the negative. Like you say, at least it gives an incentive to get the streets cleaned up, and the appearance of a much livelier uptown is also a plus.

    • This is true. I shudder to think how uptown would look if the city didn’t have the tourist trade incentive.

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