Posted by: mysaintjohn | June 7, 2009

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir…

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir...

St. Joseph’s Cemetery on Westmorland Road in Saint John. The early morning fog was rolling about and the sun hadn’t been up long.

Posted because I’m in the middle of an Angel Season One marathon.

As usual, bonus points if you get the pop-culture reference in the title.



  1. Movie (1947) Starring Gene Tierney & Rex Harrison

    TV Series (1968) starring Hope Lange & Edward Mulhare (50 episodes made)

    Ok, ok… so I totally cheated on that one.

    • For a minute I thought I had been totally out pop-cultured – I didn’t know there was a series. It’s a nice little movie if you can track it down.

  2. Krystle thinks this picture is neat.

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