Posted by: mysaintjohn | June 6, 2009

How fast can you go?

Old School Red Ride

New School Red Ride

The above red bicycle and vespa were parked within thirty feet of each other on Germaine Street. I found their proximity highly amusing. I like to think that, while their respective owners were off taking care of business, the red bicycle was trying to work up the courage to hit on the vespa while the vespa was subtly sneaking glances at the bicycle’s rear tire.

Baby, your wheels must be worn down because you’ve been driving through my thoughts all day.

On an almost related note: The little minx of a vespa can usually be spotted outside of Bean Books which is hosting this years Artists on Vinyl. For more information on the opening (which is this afternoon), click here.



  1. OH man that’s a riot.
    I never knew my vespa had such a wild streak.

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