Posted by: mysaintjohn | June 5, 2009

It all suddenly makes sense…

What would I do without you?

Think this sign on an uptown secondhand store is unnecessary and vaguely insulting? Maybe not. Macleans published it’s 2009 list of smart cities and Saint John placed forth from last. That’s up from last year but still pretty darned sobering.


  1. I could tell you some stories… in fact, I think I already have 🙂

  2. I’ve seen manuals for CARS where it says ‘turn ignition key 45° CW’…

  3. That’s the owner’s fourth door knob. We just don’t get it in Saint John.

    • What’s this “we” business. You’re in snazzy Freddy Town. :p

  4. Yeah, but I keep a bottle of Saint John air beside my bed in case I swallow poison and need to throw up.

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