Posted by: mysaintjohn | May 28, 2009

Follow the music…

Lost Record 1

I was walking down Garden Street last evening and came across an unusual piece of litter: a record titled “The World’s Greatest Music”. Must not have been so great, I thought, and snapped a picture of the poor little record.

I straightened, walked a few feet, and stopped. There, in the Irving parking lot, was another (“30 Favorite Songs of Christmas”).

Lost Record Two

I looked around and spied two more:

Lost Record 3 Lost Record 3

And there the trail stopped cold. Was someone using records instead of breadcrumbs to find their way out of the city? Were they just hoping their records would find a good home? Maybe they were convinced that music was the way to vice and were on their way to an old fashioned burning (after all, what’s more subversive that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?)

Any theories?


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