Posted by: mysaintjohn | May 26, 2009

All the welcomes warm the cold, dark corners of my fog-drenched heart

Everyone needs a little help from their friends

Urban Plans for Saint John and Beyond and Saint John Shawn both mentioned this wee, silly blog. I feel like a girl at a county dance (with a camera).


  1. I totally love this blog. Found it when I came home after the photo walk last Sunday.

    • Thank you! I’m so glad doing the blog led to finding the Flickr group.

      • We moved here 1st of November last year, and I had joined the Flickr group even beforehand. We visited often and I had a lot of photos. It was a good thing that I did, because it has meant a lot also on a social level.

        This blog is really entertaining… Hats off! (c;

      • It’s funny. Before moving here, I had only been down for one interview and one visit. I always said it was the one place in NB I’d never move.

      • Here it was the exact opposite. I fell in love with SJ on our first visit. My husband is from here, but he’s been away for like fifty years. Now he’s come home and I’ve found an ‘adopted home town’. I love the fog, the brick buildings and the friendly people. Lived in QC since I came to Canada five years ago.

  2. The people are very nice. I will give Saint John that 🙂 (And I actually like all of the old frame buildings – though am glad to no longer be living in one).

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