Posted by: mysaintjohn | May 24, 2009

Saint Johners on love…

Our Love is Beautiful (and temporary)

Raymond used to love Marie. Since Marie’s name has been crossed out, we are left with a minimum of four distinct possibilities.

  1. Raymond used to love Marie. He doesn’t anymore and has tried to erase the evidence.
  2. Marie doesn’t love Raymond (or never has). She’s sending him a very clear message. Pay attention, Raymond.
  3. Raymond now realizes that he never had a chance with Marie 0 after all, he was in the chess club and she was prom queen. He’s removed her name but has left his up because he’s still searching for Ms. Right.
  4. Raymond is married with three children. His wife found this little bit of graffiti and tried her best to erase the evidence of his former flame. Still, she wonders if Raymond is still thinking about Marie when he makes love to her. She begins eating chocolate and reading romance novels.

Still, romance isn’t completely dead in the port city. Just check out this graffiti at Graffiti at Mispec Beach Park.

Nice to hold onto something

It reads “1967. D.K. thinks love is Divine. 2007. still Does!“. I’m prepared to like D.K. (even though he appears to be a bit of a vandal).



  1. I’ll go with option 2.

    • Poor Raymond. I hope he never sees this.

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