Posted by: mysaintjohn | May 24, 2009

Can’t wait for AC/DC

I only assume this sticker on a Manawagonish Road (West Saint John) sign was placed out of excitement for the upcoming AC/DC concert in Moncton.

I hope they’re planning on driving faster than 50KM/hour. If not, the concert will probably be over by the time they arrive.



  1. I am laughing so hard but am in class so I am trying to contain myself. My whole body is hot from trying to hold in the laughter, and my eyes are filled with tears, and I am shaking, and the student sitting next to me is giving me odd glances from the corners of her eyes. Absolutely brilliant intrepretation.

  2. Don’t hurt yourself (or become known as the school weirdo – I’ve been one, it’s no fun 😉 )

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